ERSM, Cetelem and ACEMA will give away a free Extended Warranty insurance policy

Risk Group acquires ERSM’s stake from Crèdit Andorrà

The RISK Group acquires all the shares of ERSM Insurance Brokers from the Credit Andorrà Group, which until now held 51%. The transaction is part of the restructuring process of the insurance division of the banking group.

Until now ERSM Insurance Brokers was owned by the Andorran financial group and RISK Group, thanks to the merger agreement of their respective insurance and reinsurance brokerage and consulting businesses last 2018. This union led to the creation of a leading brokerage firm in the Spanish market, which improved investment capacity, resources and capillarity, adding specialization in the corporate sector, experience in risk consultancy, and mass distribution to individuals and groups.

ERSM Insurance Brokers currently has 147 employees, a volume of 173 million premiums brokered and revenues of 26 million euros in commissions; it serves 170,000 clients, and has a network of offices and collaborators covering the entire Iberian Peninsula and Islands.

With this operation, ERSM strengthens its desire for leadership and independence and looks to a future of business stability, professional growth and commitment to its customers. ERSM is currently headed by Ricardo Soler, CEO, and Salvador Vilallonga, General Manager.

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