ERSM Levante is born to operate in the Valencian Region
ERSM, Cetelem and ACEMA will give away a free Extended Warranty insurance policy

Fast and agile contracting of policies at dealerships

ERSM Insurance Brokers and PapelCero by Dealerbest have succeeded in creating the easiest and fastest way to offer an auto policy to car dealer customers at the click of a button.

Through the PapelCero software, all the documentation collected by the dealer’s sales team will be controlled at all times. So you can see at a glance what is missing or if the documentation is ready to be sent to the different departments. As soon as everything is ready, and with a single click of a button, the file will be sent for completion of the sale and to ERSM for the customer’s insurance offer.

Administration will do its work with the security of having all the necessary documentation available in PapelCero. In the meantime, the ERSM team will ensure that the client finds the insurance that best suits him quickly and easily, while minimizing the processes and the action of the sales teams to a minimum.

A new innovative system for the vehicle distribution sector that will quickly and easily increase revenue and create a bond with customers that will keep them loyal.

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