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ERSM sets up a communication channel for claims due to the Filomena storm

ERSM Insurance Brokers has launched an online channel for reporting claims caused by the Filomena storm. Due to the increase in material damage caused by the recent storms, ERSM clients affected can speed up the reporting of their claims by logging on to the brokerage’s website where they can enter the information related to the claim.

To facilitate customer service, ERSM has automated the process of reporting the claim to the brokerage so that it can manage it with the insurance company as soon as possible. When the client sends the information regarding the accident suffered by Filomena, the Claims department receives it instantly and begins processing it with the insurer.

ERSM, with a presence throughout the peninsula and more than 165,000 clients, wanted to facilitate a procedure that could affect many of its policyholders. Likewise, the brokerage maintains the usual communication channels, such as telephone or Whatsapp.

Clients insured with ERSM can enter here and report their claim:


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