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ERSM Customer Club launched with benefits and discounts

ERSM Insurance Brokers launches a club with exclusive advantages for the brokerage’s clients. ERSM’s vision is to be able to offer added value to professional mediation services, with the objective of creating a closer bond with its clients.

Customers will be able to access the club through a web portal or smartphone app, where they will find personal insurance, free services and discounts on automotive, travel, shows and activities for the whole family. You can access by clicking here and enter your data in the Customer Club Registration section.

The agreement with more than 500 different commercial brands makes it possible for customers to receive discounts on every purchase they make at their web stores. Stores such as El Corte Inglés, Fnac, MediaMarket, Nike,… or e-commerce from Vueling, JustEat, Booking; including tickets for shows and leisure (Cinesa, Ticketmaster,…).

The operation is based on cashback, that is, when a customer makes a purchase or reservation in the different stores of the club, it will generate a refund that will be reflected in the customer’s virtual wallet. Each customer will accumulate euros for their online purchases when they make them from the grouped promotions that they will find in the club.

The Customer Club was launched this week and all ERSM customers who wish to join can do so. Other ERSM Group brokerages will soon be launching this additional service among their client portfolio.

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