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ERSM, Cetelem and ACEMA will give away a free Extended Warranty insurance policy

ERSM Insurance Brokers with ACEMA (Spanish Association of Household Appliance and Kitchen Furniture Dealers) and Cetelem (trademark of BNP Paribas Personal Finance in Spain) have signed a collaboration agreement to offer an extended product warranty insurance for two more years, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Customers and consumers who visit the 500 points of sale associated with ACEMA, spread throughout the country, will be able to benefit from this insurance when purchasing an appliance at no additional cost to the customer, which will be integrated into the interest-free payment.

The agreement will allow consumers to choose the most sustainable option and exercise their ‘right to repair’. In addition, this insurance will promote savings, since repairing everyday appliances will be cheaper than purchasing new products. This initiative is in line with the corporate commitments of the three parties to sustainability and circular economy, since the customer will be able to acquire products with high energy efficiency and a longer useful life.

ERSM’s experience in launching value-added insurance programs in the Automotive sector has helped the brokerage to adapt the system to the Consumer Goods Distribution sector with Cetelem and ACEMA. This provides solutions to an end consumer who is becoming more and more demanding in the face of market competition. With this agreement, ERSM is firmly committed to the world of Distribution, providing insurance solutions from the best specialists in the sector.

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