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Agreement with GANVAM before Covid-19

ERSM Insurance Brokers has reached an agreement with the Asociación Nacional de Vendedores de Vehículos a Motor, Reparación y Recambios (GANVAM) to offer vehicle dealers a comprehensive and personalized service of technical advice, at a time when the coronavirus crisis requires a return to business, taking into account aspects such as the organization of customer flow, the delimitation and adaptation of spaces or the provisioning of preventive material.

Thanks to this alliance, concessionaires, dealers, sales offices, workshops or related services will have the technical advice of ERSM in collaboration with ACIERTA of the CASER Group for the implementation of a personalized study of each facility from the plan or technical visit, with detailed and specific recommendations about traffic flows, location of preventive devices, safety signs, reorganization of spaces, adaptation of the air conditioning system and furniture, disinfection of spaces and, most importantly, always with a closed budget for implementation that includes the provision of the necessary prevention materials (screens, masks, gels …..). For their part, Ganvam members will receive an additional 10% discount on the requested quote.

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